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How to use an Online Service for your Super

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How to use an Online Service for your Super

So, maybe you are over 40, and now have over $100,000 in super and are thinking “how do I get it out of the mess it’s in”?

AMP/MLC/NAB/WETPAC/ANZ/MACQUARIE/IOOF…. have all been scolded in the Royal Commission and most of these major banks are simply getting out of providing advice. So, you can’t use them anymore. Which, to be honest, may not be such a bad thing.

You’ve heard there are only a handful of good advisers who won’t sell you product, but when you think about it logically you don’t really need one of them now. YOU could be the best person for the job. With access to the right tools and expert knowledge, why wouldn’t you take your financial security into your own hands? You just want your super invested in a no commission, reasonably priced solution that will help you get the best possible returns. Right?

You are smart enough to know that:

  • Trying to pick stocks is tough, time consuming and expensive. You know that that even the biggest fund managers (like Platinum) don’t have a high chance of outperforming over time.
  • You’ve heard index funds are ok, but a quick google and there are so many options… too many options.
  • Maybe you do need an adviser….?

But wait –

You already use the internet to:

  • Pay your bills,
  • Book your holidays,
  • Order your groceries,
  • Research your latest ailment,
  • Buy a car…
  • Do just about everything….!

So maybe you should trust the internet for your Super?

Yes, you can. But be careful!

Many of the banks are simply now turning their product-based system (where they win, and you don’t) online. Same, same, but different.

So, beware.

Also, many other start-ups are simply saying they are low cost but have heaps of fine print? You pay peanuts, you get…?

Then there are the massive industry funds… well they are cheap…. but snore…. They’re ok for small balances … but not for everyone.

And then you found Scientiam.

  • You found easy to understand, well-researched and acclaimed information.
  • You found a transparent, modern approach to setting up your financial future that shows you exactly what you’re invested in with no hidden fees.
  • You found us to be personal and warm because, well, we’re talking about something as huge as the way you’re going to retire, so it’s a good idea to partner with a bunch of people who will treat you like a person and not a computer.
  • You found a service that can get more data and even more date on your portfolio (if you want).
  • You found easy to understand explanations as to why we need to do things a certain way, like paying a bit more than 1% total fees for a smart solution.

The 6 tips we recommend for anyone looking for the smartest solution online:

  1. Look for a site that’s helping you gain knowledge. At Scientiam we started out simply wanting to share our knowledge.
  2. Look for a site that can help consolidate your super seamlessly, paperless and fast (despite what you may have been told, consolidating your super is easy!).
  3. Partner with people who provide ongoing education. In a highly regulated industry, it’s so important to have up-to-date, accurate information and research.
  4. Be non-negotiable about partnering with a service who values transparency about the costs and works hard to reduce costs where reasonable.
  5. Look for a company who talks positively about making this a win for you the consumer and not the big banks. This needs to be all about YOU!
  6. Choose a Super site that you can get out of easily if you want to. Surprised we said that….? Yes. One of our features is if you don’t like us, it’s just as easy to exit as it was to open an account… of course we need to deliver value to keep you …and that’s how it should be!

You can use the internet for your super, but make sure it’s right for you.


To take control of your finances and learn more about investments than most financial planners dare to discover check out Scientiam for more readings and insights on how markets really work and how as an investor you can learn how to really invest and not gamble.

It’s your future.

Here’s to smart investing using science not guesswork.