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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, our account opening process is all online and paperless. Our team can email and call if you have any questions during the process.
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Yes! Scientiam offers both superannuation and investment accounts.

Scientiam also supports existing self manged superannuation funds andtrusts. If you would like to open an account for an SMSF or trust, please get in touch with the Scientiam team via the live chat box, emailing support@scientiam.com.au or calling us on 1800 389 410.

Yes, you can select your portfolio for a superannuation or investment account and it’s all paperless!

Scientiam works hard to provide a solution that is very low in cost and transparent. Scientiam does not receive any fees from any third parties other than you, our customer.

For more information on the Scientiam costs and who is charging them, you can view the Scientiam Fee Summary.

Account Opening

Congratulations! You have taken the first important step on an investment journey with knowledge and evidence, not guesswork.

The Scientiam team is currently in progress of setting up your new account, and a team member will be in touch with you shortly with further instructions. Sit tight!

Scientiam partners with several third-party providers to ensure your investments are safe, secure, and transparent. A Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA for short) is used as the central account to credit and debit any investment transactions.

The Macquarie CMA is also where you can deposit funds ready for investment or establish a regular savings plan (investment account only).

Dash is a technology company that empowers users, both technologically through innovative efficient solutions as well as commercially, enabling reduction in administration burden and costs, and recovery of margin and control.

Your account will use Dash’s managed funds transaction exchange which is called “uXchange”. uXchange provides advisers with simple, low-cost access to managed funds for their clients. uXchange offers the benefits of a platform with the reduced effort and paperwork in buying managed funds, beneficial ownership, distribution, holdings information and transaction data reporting, without the ongoing % administration fee usually associated.

They (Dash) do not manage the funds or have any control over your funds; they simply provide the administration system for reporting and transacting.

Super Simplifier is a fund that offers you the ability to build your superannuation savings in a transparent and tax effective way. It is a fund for superannuation savers who want more control than that offered by a traditional super fund, but don’t want to invest in property or start an SMSF.

Super Simplifier is a superannuation product on the Dash reporting system.


Good question! At Scientiam we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with your investments. This is why every time you transact on your account, you will receive a Record of Transaction detailing the transactions to your account, the estimated brokerage cost, the estimated capital gain or loss and any fund management expenses that may be incurred.

In order for these transactions to be processed, you must electronically sign this document via the DocuSign tool. Of course, you can reject this document if you do not wish to proceed.

Great! Congratulations on maintaining a disciplined investment strategy. If you need to invest any funds you have deposited into your CMA, please get in touch with the Scientiam team requesting a rebalance of your portfolio. You can do this by using the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen, emailing support@scientiam.com.au or calling us on 1800 389 410.
A rebalance is when your portfolio deviates from its asset allocation constraints and investment transactions are required to realign the asset allocation to the desired weight.

Each quarter after distributions are received (April, July, October & January) the Scientiam team will automatically issue a Record of Transaction to rebalance any portfolio that has significantly deviated from the desired asset allocation for that portfolio.

You will be required to electronically sign the Record of Transaction for the rebalance to be successfully processed.

Not to worry! If you did not receive a Record of Transaction after distributions are received, this may simply mean your portfolio’s asset allocation is in line with the model. Also, Scientiam has a $500 trade minimum, and your portfolio may not have sufficient cash to meet this requirement.


Please contact the Scientiam support team for any login issues. You can reach support by using the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen, emailing support@scientiam.com.au or calling us on 1300 389 410.