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Can my Self-Managed Super Fund use Scientiam?

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Can my Self-Managed Super Fund use Scientiam?


Our account opening forms are all online and all applications are signed electronically, so… no paper, lots more trees, and loads more time for you!

Scientiam uses an investment reporting system that can open accounts for any entity as long as it’s an Australian entity and/or resident.

Self-Managed Super Funds have become a very popular structure due to their:

  • Flexibility and
  • Control

Often overall costs are more reasonable, but not always. For example, having only $10,000 in a Self-Managed Fund could be expensive as the auditing and accounting costs are typically fixed. So, the larger the fund, the cheaper the costs are as a percentage.

There are over 1.1 million funds now in the country.

What other accounts can you open with Scientiam?

  • Personal – Nice and easy.
  • Joint Account – yes you can an open an account in two names.
  • Superannuation – open a new account or rollover your existing fund.
  • Company or trust – Yes – in addition to your personal information, will need your ABN and Tax File number details handy for the company or trust.

If you have existing super with a fund like AMP, MLC, BT, (as examples) or with an Industry Fund, then you can open a Scientiam account and rollover all or part of your existing super.

Note: We can’t set up your Self-Managed Super Fund as we only provide general advice. Email support@scientiam.com.au and we can provide contacts if you wish to set up a fund.

Note: We are only a general advice service, so you need to check your insurances first before you rollover. You may need to leave a balance with your old fund to make sure you don’t lose any insurance benefits. Our tip is to call your existing Super Fund and check if you have any insurances and how much you need in the account to keep the policies active.


To take control of your finances and learn more about investments than most financial planners dare to discover check out Scientiam for more readings and insights on how markets really work and how as an investor you can learn how to really invest and not gamble.

It’s your future.

Here’s to smart investing using science not guesswork.