The future of advice is now

Financial Advisers

Grow your business by reaching more clients. Monetise your knowledge and build long term relationships with our future focused platform. White label our platform to provide a unique experience to your clients.

Banks and Super Funds

Expand your reach and elevate your service with our white labelled platform. Offer high-quality and interactive advice to your entire client base. Our platform scales with your business, allowing you to deliver value more efficiently. Solve the “advice gap”.

Employer Groups

Empower your employees with practical financial education. Improve their financial literacy with self directed courses and expert consultations on our digital platform.


Expand your client services with our digital advisory platform. Provide comprehensive financial education and connect your clients with a range of financial professionals. Scientiam can be used if you have registered financial advisers or if not, provides a referral mechanism.

Individual Investors

Take control of your financial future. Learn about money and finance, ask questions, and consult with experienced advisors at your own pace. Open an investment or superannuation account when you're ready.

Scientiam‘s mission is to make financial advice accessible for all Australians

White Label Offering

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Monetise Your Knowledge

What is Scientiam?

Cost Effective

What is Scientiam?

Investment & Super Solution

What is Scientiam?

Financial Education & Tools

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Intergenerational Solution

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Engagement Platform

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Live Sessions & Courses

What is Scientiam?